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The landscape of our world is vast and diverse. Rich in culture, traditions and social ethos, it offers a tremendous scope of exploring, learning, understanding and last but not the least sharing.  

We welcome Humor, Poems, Recipes, Children Stories, Fiction, Drama, Satire, and creative works relating to Family Matters, Travels, Health, Social Issues, Personal Experiences, Religion, Philosophy, Parenting, Films, Politics and Economy, Tribes, Architecture, Dances, Festivals, from anyone, with a creative urge of expression, for publication on HindiNest.com  or our English site Boloji.com.

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The content must be original and must be in conformity with our "Terms". We accept content in English or HindiFor Hindi contributions, please note that we use Unicode Mangal or  Shusha fonts. Your Hindi contributions must be composed using  Unicode Mangal or Shusha TTF font only on Microsoft Wordpad or Microsoft Word and sent to our Hindi Editor Mrs. Manisha Kulshreshtha at manisha@boloji.com. You can download the Shusha Hindi Fonts by clicking on links given below:

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